A woman’s “physical appearance” represents one of the major cornerstones of her external and internal self-image, and the concept of “being beautiful” (or handsome) has established itself as a major dynamic in almost every facet of the human experience, from career advancement and access to opportunities to finding the idea mate. What exactly constitutes “beauty” is as varied and abstract as the concept itself.

Unlike other species on this planet, the human perception of beauty is vast, complex and extremely layered, perhaps because unlike lions, tigers and other primates, we have developed the capacity to alter our appearances as we see fit.

Whether we want longer or shorter hair, a change in hair color, longer eyelashes, arched eyebrows, our lips to be red or blue, a wear a different covering, etc., we have the wherewithal to do it.

This has created a near limitless level of aesthetic diversity and countless stylistic options.

If one had to breakdown the cornerstones of external or aesthetic beauty, specifically in women, they probably would be:

  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Fashion/Style

Every concern a woman could have about her appearance can be address via one of these three categories. Beauty professionals like Hair Stylists, Makeup Technicians and Fashion Stylists/Consultants are there to provide premium service for women who want to look their absolute best without the hassle, and for the DIY DIVAS, there’s a billion dollar industry of over-the-counter products at their disposal.

A majority of women are too distracted with life to learn and apply the high-level techniques necessary to bring out the “ultimate” them. Most would prefer a professional touch, but even in the professional arena there are problems. A complete and flawless beauty profile requires a team of experts, not a jack of all trades. Finding one technician who can handle high-level hair, makeup and styling is almost impossible, and find a trio of individuals at a salon who truly work as a single unit is just as daunting.

This forces women to fragment the team, i.e., they visit one salon for hair, another for makeup and if they use a stylist, it another person. Because each element is a different stop, the benefit of cohesion and cooperation are lost, along with CONVENIENCE.

The ideal scenario is an all-in-one solution — a team of experts who truly collaborate and work diligently toward a single-minded objective, and that is helping to unleash the ULTIMATE YOU from head to toe. This solution is called Wicked Beauty.

Wicked Beauty is a team of highly skilled beauty professionals who specialize in providing Clients with a full and partial spectrum of customize beauty services such as:

  • Hair Styling
  • Hair Weaving
  • Makeup – Eyelashes – Eyebrows
  • Fashion Styling and Style Consultation

One of the truly unique aspects of Wicked Beauty’s service platform is the collaborative relationship between the professionals on the team. Many salons have multiple pros on site, but most work for and by themselves. Wick Beauty is a team oriented concept, although Clients may opt to focus on a specific aspect of their beauty profile, such as hair or makeup exclusively.

For Clients who want to address their full beauty profile, the “team” works “together” to fulfill the Client’s objectives. It’s very similar to a movie star who has a team working on them, rather than bouncing from one pro to the next.


No event or function is too small or large for us to accommodate.


Wicked Beauty’s unique service offering doesn’t end with hair styling, makeup application and styling, nor is its focus limited to Individual Clients with an “everyday beauty maintenance” focus. We also specialize in BIG EVENTS such as: Proms, Weddings, Performances, Hair & Makeup Parties, Spa Parties, Family Events, School Events, Film & TV, etc.

With Big Events, coordination is essential, and having one company handle hair, makeup and/or styling for all participants can be a lifesaver both for coordinators and participants. It also assures that aesthetic synchronicity  is achieved within the allotted time constraints.

Wicked Beauty has the resources to handle parties of three or three dozen.

Let us handle YOUR next Event!


Wicked Beauty goes yet a step further to assure complete Client convenience. Clients can visit either of our two sponsoring salons (Waldorf and Columbia Maryland) or Wicked Beauty can pack up and bring its expertise to a location of the Client’s choice, whether it be a home, office or other location.

Through our exclusive PRIVATE AFFAIR service, we  also offer exclusive FULL “In Salon” Services to the discerning client that would like to have the entire Salon to themselves. Whether it be for a party, preparation for a special function, or the gift of a lifetime to that special someone, PRIVATE AFFAIR is the ultimate experience in luxury Salon Services.

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Wicked Beauty also specializes in “Educational  and Consultation Services” such as:

  • Seminars, Private Group DIY Classes and
  • Group Hair & Makeup Consulting.

Groups can come to us or we can bring the experience to them. Whether you are an individual wanting our team to handle your beauty needs, or you want to acquire beauty consulting or services for a party of fifty, look no further, we are your all-in-one, one-stop-shop.


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